This man (in his forties) had been experiencing pain and stiffness in his shoulders for over a year, with multiple physiotherapy sessions having failed to help ease his pain.

After examining him at our clinic, we discovered that the cause of his pain was in his hips rather than his shoulders.

We treated him with shiatsu massage and stretching, and with just two visits he regained his normal range of motion in his shoulders and the pain had disappeared.

This woman (in her thirties) injured her neck during Pilates, resulting in her experiencing pain whenever she tried to turn or tilt her head.

We gave her a massage focusing on the back and upper chest region, along with acupuncture in affected areas.

Since treatment, she has been able to enjoy her exercises without any recurrence of pain.

This woman (in her twenties) came to our clinic after experiencing a sharp pain when lifting heavy goods from the floor.

She was unable to bend forwards, but was completely cured after one session of shiatsu massage and acupuncture.

She had strained her back a number of times before, and had been treated at orthopaedic and chiropractic clinics, but this was the first time she experienced improvements after a single visit.